Dangerous Pharmaceuticals: More Common than You Think

By on 9-04-2014 in Injury, Pharmacy Danger

Most product liability claims are from defective or dangerous side effect caused by pharmaceutical drugs. What many consumers do not understand is that many of these prescription drugs do come with serious risks, and are only prescribed as if the benefits weigh more than the risks. A lawsuit is only valid if you as the consumer was not made aware by the doctor or the manufacturer (through product warnings and indications) regarding the risks that come with taking the prescription drugs.

There are many ways that a prescription medication, along with the doctor of pharmaceutical company, can be held accountable for product liability. If you ask a Risperdal lawyer, many of the cases that involved Risperdal is due to the unapproved uses of the medication, rather than the risks it comes with. There are risks of side effects for those who take Risperdal, but most lawsuits come from patients who suffered side effect because they have been prescribed Risperdal even when it is an unapproved treatment for the condition.

As for the case of Yaz and its sister birth control medications, serious risks of blood clots can develop after long term use. This danger was not reported earlier and has only been made public after many women suffered from kidney disorders, migraines, and increased risks of hypertension, blood clots and a host of many others. Despite the rising number of lawsuits being filed against Bayer (manufacturer of Yaz), the FDA has yet to recall the birth control pill. Even with a Yaz lawyer that would help in filing the lawsuit, many victims are still struggling with getting compensation for the dangers and damages that they had endured after taking Yaz.

Viagra, on the other hand, is one of the latest medications that are facing lawsuits. Despite being out in the market since 1998, many users of Viagra have reportedly been known to have increased risks of melanoma. Melanoma is type of skin cancer that can lead to serious consequences or even death if not treated early. For those who have developed an increased risk of melanoma due to taking Viagra should contact a lawsuit for possible Viagra lawsuit.

A product liability lawsuit caused by a dangerous prescription drug can be hard to win, since there are many things that come into play, such as FDA warnings, doctors’ information, prescription legitimacy, and many others. Many patients often claim of suffering from serious side effects caused by the prescribed drug, but evidence should directly point out to the drug in question in order to have a valid lawsuit. Additionally, if your doctor or the medication has clearly indicated the risks involved with taking the medication and you have decide on your own to take it, then it can be difficult to have legal claims even with a lawyer.

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