The Great Beer Tap Mystery

By on 10-27-2017 in Craft Beer

Okay, so I went to a party recently and saw this super cool tap that somebody was using for their beer and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. I’m not like a beer snob or something I don’t even drink it that much but I just really loved this thing. It was like a cappuccino machine for beer which would just be darling in my place sitting next to you guessed it my cappuccino machine.

So, the thing about that tap is it’s not like available just anywhere. I went to a few stores and I couldn’t find it. In fact, almost no one anywhere had heard of it. Even the ones who had heard of it didn’t know anything about it other than it existed. Super annoying. I had to do the research but just googling “beer tap” or “beer tap in my home” didn’t bring anything up.

I know what you’re thinking. Why didn’t you just go and ask the host of the party? Good question. Great question. The answer is less great. I didn’t remember where I was. I had had a few that night. Then I had a few more. Then I had a lot more on top of that just to make sure I wouldn’t be able to get up the next morning. Don’t judge me. It was a super long week and crazy busy at work and I was in no mood to get up Saturday. So I got tanked, saw this tap somewhere along the lines and then forgot where I was.

Back to square one. I want the tap and no one knows where to get it. I can’t find it online. What am I supposed to do?

I did what any resourceful girl would do. I tracked down everyone who I’d seen out that night and asked if anyone saw it. This was more frustrating than I expected. Apparently, no one else was very impressed by this incredible invention from the future, the cappuccino beer machine. It seems to me everyone should have noticed it, written long blogs about it (like I’m doing now), bought one and put it as the centerpiece of their homes. But apparently not.

It took me twelve little interviews to find someone who remembered very very vaguely where this machine had been spotted. I didn’t waste time. I had a lead. I was a detective on a hot lead. They always race right out there.

Long story short, I found it. The darling little machine is actually called a Growler Chiller, according to its owner, who I have no reason to believe would lie. He even gave me a free drink from it.

I went home and placed an order for one. But the story ends on a tragic note. They’re sold out until January. It’ll be an age and a half before I get the chance to settle my Growler Chiller in next to the cappuccino machine. At least I figured out what it was though!

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